Interactive game experience reaching thousands at Comic Con.


Audible came to us to create an interactive game for the NY Comic Con. We created a game where where attendees listened to audiobook clips and guessed the book. The Comic Con experience reached thousands of attendees with our interactive game "Audible Recall."



Comic-Con was a huge opportunity for Audible to reach a comic fan base many of which had yet to experience what audio books has to offer. The Audible team challenged Genuine & Jack Morton to create an experience that would increase Audible’s brand awareness to position the brand as a tech-driven, immersive, modern, form of entertainment and education.

Genuine + Jack Morton
Project Type:
Application Design
My Role:
Lead UX Designer
Project Team:
Giola Veliaj - Account Management, Kristen Todd - Project Management, Mike Clark - Design, Nick Hubben - Experiential Development, Christian Connolly - Experiential Development
August - October 2016
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We created the game Audible Recall where people competed against each other by listening to audio clips and guessing the correct book. It was a fun competition but also raised awareness of of what Audible has to offer. 

Users were able to hear snippets right at the booth highlighting a new Audible feature “Clips” which allows users to share their favorite clips with friends. 

Attracting Attendees

Jack Morton created a booth with multiple elements to attract visitors, including the design of the booth itself.

An LED screen mounted on the front of the concierge desk will rotate messaging as a call to action to play the game as well as a schedule of the Audible programing during the event.

Genuine worked with Jack Morton to create a backlit/flashing Audible logo will additionally provide visual interest both during and between game play to entice passers-by into the booth.

System Definition

We created a screen flow that showcased the various steps needed to complete the game.

This provided a high level overview of how the user would experience and interact with each screen.

Extensions & Awards

Audible had such a positive reaction from Comic-Con that Genuine was asked to create an additional iteration game for an event at the event at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando. This version of the game offered Harry Potter fans the chance to test their knowledge. 
The Genuine team won a 2016 Jack Morton Silver Award for Creativity for the Audible project work. This was one of 11 total awards given in the Creative category from the hundreds of submissions. The awards serve as the best examples of Jack Morton work from around the world.

Audible Recall claimed Gold in the Gamification category at the 2017 Reggie Awards, the premier industry awards program recognizing the best marketing campaigns activated by brands and agencies. Comprising 23 individual categories, the Reggie’s “Gamification” category spotlights campaigns that engaged the consumer through a gaming experience via contests, sweepstakes, competitions, mobile apps, etc.