Increasing efficiency with a hospital content submission system.


During the website redesign process for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), a major hospital in Boston, the project team at Genuine uncovered a need for a simple easy way for content authors to submit tickets to the marketing team. 



The current request process was overly complicated and users weren't understanding what’s being asked of them. Requests were submitted through a single form that was trying to handle multiple types of needs and requests. The form didn't support image or document uploads, rich text/HTML markup, and had a character count on fields. The new system needed to be dead simple and something that any employee or staff member at BIDMC could use.




Project Type:
System/Application Design
My Role:
UX Lead
April 2017 - September 2017
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Working Session

We began by conducting a working session with the BIDMC team to understand their challenges and goals for the new system. We knew that we wanted to take an MVP approach to this new system so gathering requirements were key. 

Sketching Session 

Once we had all the requirements from the client I conducted a sketching session with our development team lead to understand the cost and timeline implications. We did a white boarding working meeting where we outlined the flow from screen to screen for our different audiences. This allowed us to work together to quickly create an initial outline for the MVP experience. We were able to have conversations that balanced the user needs with development efforts. 

Sitemap + Wireframes

A final sitemap and wireframes were created after we pitched and won the work. We went through and refined the experience and interactions through the wireframe phase. Wireframes were created using Axure. 

See the wireframes >