Site evaluation and ROI outcomes for a password manager.


LogMeIn asked us to do an analysis of LastPass Password Manager’s website performance and to identify key opportunities. 



Genuine conducted an in depth analysis into the market, users and brand performance of LastPass. This included: 

  • Heuristic Analysis 
  • Competitive Analysis- Market and SEO 
  • SEO and Keyword Analysis 
  • Secondary Market and Consumer Research



The final result was a brand opportunity action plan that outlined the level of effort and level of impact for each recommendation. The goal was to create actionable recommendations that would lead LastPass to be a user-first brand. These recommendations fell into 3 main areas. 

  1. Are you attracting, targeting and reaching the right people? 
  2. Are you delivering the right experience? 
  3. Are you getting users to do the things you want them to do? 



Through this presentation LogMeIn was better able to evaluate their acquisition of the LastPass product. LogMeIn asked us to do a follow up presentation to provide some desired outcomes or metrics based on the recommendations from our site evaluation presentation. In the outcomes and metrics presentation we outlined SEO and keyword metrics as well as UX optimization metrics. This presentation allowed us to create a baseline of metrics for site performance, detailing the Number of Site Visitors > Product > Conversion (Download or Purchase) funnel.




LogMeIn + LastPass
Project Type:
Site Evaluation Presentation + Outcomes + Metrics Presentation
My Role:
Senior UX Designer
Project Team:
Joanna Field - Account Director, Jillian Curran - Senior Strategist, Marc Choquette - Manager, SEO + Audience Insights, Therese Bartolini - Director UX, Joe Panepinto - SVP, Strategy
October 215 - October 2015
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