Creating a content hub for healthy habits.


A global, mobile-first site for Lysol & Dettol to reach digital moms. Lysol and Dettol’s goal of “Doing more for Health” requires us to create inspirational content which our users can learn from, share, and attribute to both brands and products.



Lysol/Dettol came to Genuine to redesign its sites on a global and mobile-first template that is being syndicated in over 60 markets worldwide with a powerful CMS.  Laurent Faracci, general manager-North American marketing describes Lysol's new marketing approach as "digital at heart" and affecting everything from the U.K. based company's agency relationships to how it recruits marketers and works with retailers. Our goal was to evolve Lysol/Dettol from brochure site to inspiration hub. Create a place where moms can find inspiration.  



We began with understanding the functional objectives and requirements for a successful site redesign. 

Functional Objectives

  1. Responsive – Content must translate well into a responsive environment across screens. 

  2. Localized – Adjust to local market requirements with ease. Ensure that the site is globally scalable up to 60 markets worldwide.

  3. Engaging Media Types – Use more engaging media types such as video and other more progressive formats (Vine videos). 

  4. Timeliness – A seasonal and timely strategy requires simplicity in execution across local markets. 

Experience Framework 

Once we had the requirements for the website redesign we created a high level experience strategy. The goal was to ensure the content we created fulfilled the goals for the brand and the user.

Project Type:
Website Redesign
My Role:
Lead UX Designer
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Understanding the target audience

In order for the site to be a sucessful inspration hub for moms it was important for the team to understand our audience. By understanding our audience we knew that content needs to be mobile-friendly and easily consumed for our busy mom. Our objective became to focus on short articles and at end of each article lead moms to a product recommendation. We wanted to create a site that spoke to moms and understood their needs and pain points.

Aspirational audience objectives 
With help from the new site mom now has a passion for health, showing it by sharing her tips and her favorite products just for the benefit of others. Others are not intimidated to ask for her advice; they appreciate and admire her insightfulness and perceive it as helpful. She is a conversation starter who provides relatable commentary on expert content to make the complex understandable. 

Content Marketing Funnel

While its helpful to look at the journey linearly, each user’s journey is different because of different entry points to content. Entry points can vary - content shared via social, optimized to a specific solution/problem or product, or campaign driven.

Despite the unique entry points we strove to drive engagement and other KPI’s by keeping the ideal user journey in mind. 

Content Principles: How do we know if we’re really “Doing more for health?”

Principles are fundamental truths. During our research we identified insights through analytics, brand insights and search insights that helped us identify brand and user’s shared values. By looking at these shared values together we were able to pinpoint the right content formula for the site. 

Ultimately, the presence or lack of the principles will be used to measure if you are actually “doing more for health,” or not.