Positive student outcomes increase enrollment.


Northeastern University School of Law’s (NUSL) unique differentiator is their Cooperative Legal Education Program (also known as co-op).



NUSL came to OHO Interactive and wanted to highlight the co-op program and its benefits in a new website redesign. The first step in creating a site that speaks to its student audience is to conduct user and stakeholder interviews. With this understanding of our users we gained the information to serve their needs on the website. 



Our key takeaways from the research revealed that students were interested in seeing student outcomes. In looking at the competitors, none of them were able to really show the student experience in an engaging way. To visualize the co-op program we created a pathway interactive experience. This experience allowed prospective students to see how NUSL co-op positively impacted graduates and their career path.

Northeastern School of Law
OHO Interactive
Project Type:
Website Design
My Role:
Lead UX Designer
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