The Ultimate List of UX/Design Emails You Should Have in Your Inbox.

It is critical as designers to keep up with the latest trends in UI, UX and Technology.
Here are a list of the emails that I subscribe to for inspiration.


I like to put all the emails I receive in a folder throughout the week and review early Friday mornings before I start my day. I always find a helpful nugget of information that relates to some project or problem I am trying to solve. 

UX Notebook 

UX Design Weekly

UX Magazine 

UX Booth

Nielsen Norman Group (Testing Insights)

OptimalWorkshop (Testing Insights)

Behave/Which Test Won (A/B Multivariate Testing)

Axure (Wireframing Tool)

Cooper (Leadership, Design and Business Strategy)


Magenta (Published by

Octopus (Published by IDEO) 

The Daily Carnage (Marketing - Published by carney)

DMN (Marketing)

Daily UI (Design challenges for 100 days)

Acquia (Technology - Drupal)

Salesforce (Technology - CRM)

Marketo (Technology - Marketing Automation)

Lauren Werner

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