Creating an email platform with real-time data.


Epsilon came to OHO Interactive looking to refresh their "Agility Suite" product and to create a next-generation digital messaging platform. As a User Experience Designer on the project I collaborated with a Senior Strategist & User Researcher to build a new tool for email and cross–channel marketing. We were tasked with making it easy for marketing professionals to deliver highly personalized, data–driven campaigns. Our customer research showed that user's wanted the ability to have insight into campaign performance, including active campaign optimization and detailed device reporting.

Key product features:

  • Powerful, easy–to–use targeting features
  • Experience-rich dynamic and live content
  • Fast, precise, data–driven campaigns
  • Real–time reporting and analytics 


Targeting across all devices

One of the major considerations was how to create a user–friendly feature set that enabled marketers to orchestrate highly personalized campaigns for both desktop and mobile users. The UI was designed to allow users to easily segment and and targeting emails. In addition admins could quickly create campaigns optimized for mobile, with on screen mobile previews.  

Easy drag and drop functionality

We created a visual editor that lets the content admin create complex campaigns with drag–and–drop simplicity. Marketing experts are able to design, automate, and test multichannel programs, including email, SMS, and trigger the campaigns according to subscriber activities, events, and real–time behavior data.

Real-time analytics

A major goal was to give the user metrics that drill deeper into campaign performance statistics to provide more meaningful measures of success. We gave the user the ability to optimize campaign results before and immediately after they sent an email so they could quickly adapt to the analytics data coming in.  

OHO Interactive
Project Type:
Agility Suite Platform Design
My Role:
Senior UX Designer
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